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A technology-first approach to chats and analytics

Our chat analytics application is a powerful tool that allows you to gain valuable insights into your conversations. With our cutting-edge technology, you can analyze your chats in a variety of ways, including sentiment analysis, word clouds, conversation analysis, and keyword searching.

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Numbers don’t lie

Utilizing statistics can aid in objectively assessing communication with loved ones, such as partners, friends and family members

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Deep analysis

Slovo is designed to aid in identifying patterns of toxicity and communication quality

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Your privacy is of utmost importance to us // we care about your personal data, and we assure you that we do not retain any of your personal data//it, including private messages

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More features

Toxicity analysis, Chat frequency statistics, Response quality analysis, word clouds and so on


Nuxt development is carried out by passionate developers

Slovo helps you to understand and improve the way you interact with others. Unlock the secrets of your conversations and take control of your communication style.

Analysis of communication is an important tool for reflection. Slovo will help you:


Enhance your relationship with your partner, friend or family member


Gain a deeper understanding of yourself, your weaknesses and the impact on your environment

Keep track

Keep track of your progress. Come back in a year and see how you have changed

Style Analysis

Determine which words and phrases truly characterize you as an individual

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